Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? — Issue #8 — The $500 winner

And the winner is…

This morning I activated the raffle draw in the smart contract. You can see the transaction here on PolygonScan.

Winner’s address showing possession of 500 USDC
Contract address showing 0 USDC in its balance

For nerds — How was the winner chosen?

The winner was chosen pseudorandomly using the block number that the “draw raffle” transaction was minted in. Since the block number isn’t something I or you can control, it is considered random enough and the raffle is considered fair. There are some more advanced methods to make random selections using external (to the blockchain) data sources provided by Oracles (maybe you’ve heard of Chainlink), but for our experiment using the block number was sufficient.

Some Numbers

Current number of subscribers: 83

Oil Strike #2

I have yet to decide what we’ll be doing for our second Oil Strike. I hope to send out an email with our plan and instructions next week. It would help tremendously if I got some feedback from the community about:

  1. General comments about the experience
  2. What you liked the most
  3. What I can do better
  4. What kind of content you’d like to see in the next Oil Strike

One of my Favorite Tweets this Week

I thought this tweet depicting tokenomics was hilarious. Check it out!



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Adam Ξisenman | DigitalOil.nftr

Adam Ξisenman | DigitalOil.nftr

Early. Ethereum dev and founder @nft_registry . Podcast host @0xCryptoLatinos . Business director. Former ios dev & satcom engineer. @GeorgiaTech ee & @mit