Digital🛢- Will you strike digital oil? — Issue #2


In case you just signed up to Digital Oil, here’s a link to the first issue, which you can read to get up to speed.

What do I mean by smart contract?

A smart contract is an app. Similar to an app that lives on your iPhone, except it can’t be upgraded and it lives on a blockchain, meaning that its execution is decentralized (not controlled by a single entity).

Our Goals for Oil Strike #1: The Funniest Joke

Here’s what we’ll do in this and the next 3 issues:

  1. Create a crypto wallet in your browser and submit your account address to me so that I can send you 1 free MATIC (a token valued at ~$2).
  2. Submit a joke to the smart contract.
  3. Vote on the funniest joke (you can’t vote for your own).
  4. Participate to help reach quorum and trigger the raffle (at least 10 people needed).

Your First Task

Our first task will be to get you set up with a Metamask wallet. Metamask is a browser plugin that holds the keys to your crypto accounts.



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Adam Ξisenman | DigitalOil.nftr

Adam Ξisenman | DigitalOil.nftr

Early. Ethereum dev and founder @nft_registry . Podcast host @0xCryptoLatinos . Business director. Former ios dev & satcom engineer. @GeorgiaTech ee & @mit